Monday, October 03, 2016

Got a Genealogy Problem?

This week I'm answering questions for the Genealogy Problem-Solving Workshop via  Family Tree University.

This week-long event includes articles, videos, and 1:1 help from me! I'm looking forward to lots of  questions and helping researchers find their ancestors.

Feel free to join us. You can learn more at Family Tree University.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

See You In August!: Gena's Schedule

I hope you are staying cool this very hot August. I'm speaking at various locations this month including online. Check it out!

Last month San Francisco, this month Southern California (c) 2006 Gena-Philibert-Ortega

August 16, 2016. Family Tree University
Webinar: Research Tips To Overcome Brick Walls 
*** Please note: This is an online webinar and does have a fee. Please see the Family Tree University website for details.

August 17, 2016. Genealogical Society of North Orange County California
Topic: That's New to Me: Unfamiliar Websites for Your Genealogy

August 20 , 2016.  Ventura County Genealogical Society
Topics: Step Away From the Computer: Using Archives, Academic Libraries and Museums for Your Research; Tackling a Research Project

Don't forget to check out my Legacy webinars. My latest recording is Researching Women: Community Cookbooks and What They Tell Us About Our Ancestors. I also have a series on Researching California and Researching Utah. That collection, a bonus feature for subscribers, will be added to later this month. You can also register for my October webinar on social history on the Legacy website.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the Road: Northern California Speaking Tour

Pile Of Old Suitcases by iconmac/Courtesy

Well it's that time of the year for me to leave the family at home and hit the road. I'm on my way to Northern California for speaking engagements and research. Hope to see you at one of these presentations.

Topic: 5 Tips from Researching Genealogy Roadshow

Topics: That's New to Me: Unfamiliar Websites for your Genealogy and 
Her Name Wasn't Unknown: Researching Your Female Ancestor's Life

July 20, 2016. El Dorado Hills Genealogy Society
Topic: Grandma Ate What? Researching Your Ancestor's Food History

July 23, 2016. California State Genealogical Society and Library 
Please note that you must pre-register for these presentations. 

July 24, 2016. Sacramento Public Library

Once I return it will be time for my Legacy Family Tree Webinar. This is going to be a great one! Make sure to register before the presentation. It is free to watch it live.

July 27, 2016. Legacy Family Tree Webinar